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Having an author visit your school is a great way to get kids excited about reading and is an incredible opportunity to connect young readers with the person and process behind the books. Great for: Schools, Churches, Daycares, Libraries, and various community events (In person or virtual)


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Representation Matters in both the books young leaders read, and the images of the storytellers who write them. When children see themselves in the ordinary and extraordinary, they realize that anything is possible.


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Section Title


  • Think about the type of event you're planning; consider the number of presentations, age and size of audience, as well as the venue. 

  • Choose a date. Please give at least three specific date options.



  • Share details about the author and their books with students through library book talks, classroom story time, and in-class or extracurricular book discussions.

  • Help students prepare questions to ask the author during any planned open discussion time.

  • Students can create visual or dramatic displays by

    • Dressing as characters from the book.

    • Assembling collages representing scenes from the book.

    • Outlining a character's journey on a map or timeline.

    • Creating welcome posters featuring characters from one or more of the author's books. (Consider having these signed by the author for display after the event.)



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