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Amber T. Bogan 

Amber T. Bogan is a multi passionate "mompreneuer" with a love for writing that spans her lifetime.  Driven by her passion for creating stories for her daughter that she wished she had had as a child, in 2019, Bogan Authored her debut title, Little Miss is Destined for Greatness, and launched her very own publishing company, Bright Light Publishing House, shortly after. 

Bogan serves as the Principal Author of Bright Light Publishing House where she is motivated to create stories that center and celebrate black protagonists. As the mother to a spunky elementary-aged daughter, and infant son, Bogan recognizes the importance of black children seeing their likeness positively reflected in their every experience, including the books they read.


When she is not busy drumming up her next story, Bogan enjoys spending time with family and friends, listening to music, retail therapy, and traveling. 

*Interested in scheduling an Author visit with Amber? Learn more here.

 “Black children deserve to see themselves positively reflected in the books they read. More specifically, they deserve to be front and center, instead of as support in a sea of sameness. Not only do they deserve to see themselves within the book, but also as the storyteller. It is truly an honor to contribute my piece to help elevate such an important need." - Amber

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